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Future Culture



The book EVERYTHINK - Wisdom 4 Freedom is the foundation of my artistic universe.

My artworks, physical and digital, are an artistic attempt to translate the ideas expressed in the book into visual stories.

As stated in the title of the book, freedom is an important idea, concept and value in my work and in my life.

That is why NFTs, blockchain technology and web3 are really interesting in their potential of freedom and independence as a creative.

Future Culture is a global artistic and cultural mission, and here is what it is about:



The book EVERYTHINK - Wisdom 4 Freedom exists as a combo of 2 NFTs:

  • 1 NFT of the digital version of the book (.pdf)

  • 1 NFT representing the physical version of the book, that could be burned to receive the physical copy of the book.

First buyers of the digital book NFT will also receive the NFT representing the physical book.


The GENESIS edition is limited to 999 copies. The standard edition will be available when 75% of the genesis edition will be sold.



As a creative, as an artist, my goal is to never stop creating and to never stop exploring new ideas, new mediums and new technology.

The goal is a long term goal. It is to create a whole artistic universe with the book EVERYTHINK as the fundamental inspiration. I am here to create more visual artworks, physical and digital, to explore fiction and films, to build a community of thinkers and thought provokers, to be present in the metaverse as well as IRL with merch and events.

It is a life long mission and i'm here to fight until the very end... 

The revolution will be Tohouévised.

  • First buyers of the GENESIS edition NFT will receive the standard edition for free.

  • The standard edition NFT will be launch with a collection of unique NFTs created by myself, representing characters personifying the mindset of the book and exhibiting artifacts of visual representations of ideas from the book. For buying one book, you'll receive 1 NFT of that collection.


Buy 25 copies of the GENESIS edition, you will receive a unique NFT of the OG FR47DOM CHAIN

By owning the OG FR47DOM CHAIN NFT, you will literally own a part of the book.

For 1 OG FR47DOM CHAIN owned, you will earn:

  • 1% from the first sales of the digital book NFT standard edition

  • 1% of the royalties earned from the secondary sales of the digital & physical book NFTs, genesis & standard edition 

With this, I want to change the rules of book publishing, allowing collectors to be more than just consumers by rewarding them with percentages from book sales and from royalties. You can cumulate percentage. OWN CULTURE.


My artworks are mostly inspired by philosophical ideas and concepts. They are visual representations of the ideas and concepts expressed in EVERYTHINK. I create physical art as well as digital art. My first digital artworks available as NFTs are animated variations of some of my latest paintings. As an artist, I am constantly exploring new mediums and new technology to find inspiration and new ways to express creativity.

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